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Set It Up (2018) - perfect movie for the summer days?

July 02, 2018

Hi everyone!

I'm back! So guys, you all know that summer is already started on the Northern hemisphere, and that fact made happy every teenager who have a great summer plans. All those, who doesn't know what the f*ck they're gonna do now,  are feeling bored and empty. As me, for example 😳 My first idea was watching movies. Okay, I know you thought  that's not something special, 'cause we all do the same when It's boring. Yes, we do, but If you spend 2 hours on searching appropriate movie, and you spend about same time on watching It, and It turns out that movie is sucks, you're upset for wasting your time. It happens to all of us, so the best decision is to check some reviews on the internet before you start to watch. This day started usual for me, so when I finished all my obligations, I've started searching for some interesting movie. Then, I found a trailer for "Set It Up" from 2018. Given that movie is pretty new, I decided to watch It today. However, I'm done with It, and let's get started reviewing for all those who didn't watch this movie!

Duration time: 1h 45 min
Distributed by: NETFLIX
Release date: June 15, 2018 (USA)
Starring: Zoey Deutch, Glen Powell (main casts)

Harper (Zoey Deutch) is the 25 year old assistant to Kirsten (Lucy Liu) a former journalist and now editor of an online sports journalism empire. Charlie (Glen Powell) is also a 28 year old assistant to the high-strung Rick (Taye Diggs) who works in finance. Both work in the same building and meet one night when their bosses need dinner. Harper has ordered dinner for herself and Kirsten but has no money to pay for it and Charlie, who has waited too long to order food, pays for it to give to Rick. After Harper tells him she will be fired if she doesn't return with food Charlie reluctantly allows her to take one of the meals.

Meeting Charlie the next day to reimburse him for the cost of the food, Harper expresses surprise that Charlie would work for such an abrasive and demanding boss. Charlie reveals that Rick is well-connected and a recommendation from him would guarantee his financial success. Harper expresses her deep admiration of Kirsten and her desire to write the sort of sports journalism that would make people cry. After complaining that they have no time for personal lives, Charlie jokes that both of their bosses need to get laid. Harper is initially disgusted by the comment, but after some thought agrees that she and Charlie should "Cyrano" their bosses, reasoning if they are dating each other they would have less time for work. Charlie reluctantly joins in on the plan.

Their initial plot to have Rick and Kirsten "meet-cute" in a stalled elevator goes awry when they are joined by a delivery man suffering from claustrophobia who strips the second the elevator is stalled. Charlie and Harper then arrange for their bosses to sit beside each other at a baseball game, bribing the operator of the kiss-cam to pressure them into kissing. After three attempts, Rick and Kirsten kiss. They begin dating, leaving Charlie time to spend with his model girlfriend Suze, and Harper time to date.

However things between Rick and Kirsten quickly become bumpy causing Harper and Charlie to realize they must work hard to keep their bosses together. They plan dates, write apology notes, and manipulate the dates to coincide with events that Charlie and Harper want to attend. After organizing a weekend getaway for Rick and Kirsten, Harper is able to attend her best friend Becca's engagement party. When her date ditches her, Charlie goes with her and the two have an enjoyable night dancing and eating pizza.

After their vacation, Rick and Kirsten return and inform their assistants they are engaged. Harper and Charlie are thrilled by the news, but Charlie quickly learns that Rick proposed to Kirsten to aggravate his ex-wife whom he is still sleeping with. Charlie doesn't share the news with Harper, but she discovers it after accidentally hearing Rick having phone sex with his ex. She confronts Charlie with Rick's cheating and is disappointed to learn that he knew about it and that he plans to help manage Kirsten and Rick's marriage so the cheating remains a secret.

This is not the end! More interesting parts are just coming. It's not fair if you find out what happens on the end, before you watch It movie, is It? And now, I want to write my impressions.

I love the music in movie. I think It perfectly follows every situation, making It more distinctly and emotionally. The behavior of the actors is clearly aligned with the environment and society in appropriate occasions. You can find serious moments, but also and humoristic ones. It all depends on the language and phrases of main characters. Yes, you can find some explicit words, but which are only used in funny context. Zoey's acted very good; she totally showed us what kind of girls Harper is. I like her so much! Also, I noticed that this movie gathers people of all skin colors, and they work as a perfect team! There's not nationalism, and that's awesome!  Movie is really good, so you won't make mistake by watching It. I promise 😏

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