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What to pack for a trip?

April 15, 2018

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As you already know, spring is time when all of us usually go on some trips. That often doesn't not mean a long vacation, going to the sea or some other country, but, weekend trips are our well-known thing when May comes. Short trip means packing short - only the most important things. And, then confusion starts. What does the most important thing when all I need is important? Yes - headphones, water, food, money, phone, hair iron... Wait, hair iron? Not at all. Girls always have habit to pack useless thing (useless If trip takes 2 days and you simply will not have enough time to use all items you've brought) So, what to pack for a short trip? Read below ↷ 

vanity case

You do not have to carry all the cosmetics you own, but you have to think about some things. First, there are wipes, wet and ordinary. Scissors and tweezers are required. If you are traveling by plane, you will probably have to put them in a travel bag, but remember to take them. The same thing applies to lip balms and hand cream, but also to small packing of sunscreen. If you are traveling in the long run, pack a paste and toothbrush in your hand luggage, and bring a small towel with you.

II  headphones or earplugs

People talks in the bus are mostly boring and extremely hard to listen to. Relax, therefore, with your favorite music album, or put your earplugs in your ears and dive into a peaceful, quiet world, at least for a brief moment.

III  snacks

Choose those snacks that are caloric, but not heavy. Do not wear anything with a lot of chocolate because it melts easily. Spare yourself heavy food from the restaurant by the side, and your stomach will be quite grateful for it. Also, if you think you bring sandwiches, you'd rather make them at home before the trip and forget about those quasi-sandwiches you can buy at every gas station. You must always have at least a bottle of water alongside you.

IV comfortable shoes

Whatever you wear on a trip, you just have to carry a comfortable shoes or sneakers. If you go to the sea where the beaches are rocky, and you are not very skillful, you  should buy one rubber sandals for the beach. 

V spare shirt and long scarf

In addition to being sure it's not pleasant to spend a dozen hours in the car at this time, there may be some minor accidents during the trip, such as spilling a juice on a t-shirt. Do not choose something overly chic, or elegant, but something comfortable and of a pleasant natural material. Large scarves are something that can be of great benefit to women on the road and during the break. With her, a woman can cover her shoulders not to burn in the sun, you can cover her when she is cold on the beach as the sun goes up, she can cover her hair wet and even cover the very hot bus/car seat.

VI  anti-nausea pills

Open your medical bag and make sure you pack everything you need. Always have  the anti-nausea and headache pills, especially if you go to an unknown place. Do not forget about the patches!

VII phone charger

Don't forget to pack your phone charger!

Have a nice trip!


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