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Makeup products under 7$

April 24, 2018

Hi everyone!

New post, finally :)
I've got an inspiration to write about makeup. This will not be a classic review; in this post I'll write about my favorite makeup products which prices are under 7$. You all know that many women spend a lot amount of money on makeup products and tools, and that usually have very good quality, but sometimes it's not the case. If you're a teenager, you may save your 'pocket money' to buy a lip gloss or eyeshadows. And, of course, you don't have enough to buy something over affordable price. So, I think that low price is not always a sign that a product isn't good. Quality does not always depend on the price. In this post you'll see some great makeup or beauty items which price is under 7$. Read below! 

MAKEUP REVOLUTION Redemption Palette

This palette costs 685,00 rsd (7.08$ ). You may noticed that this one is designed the exact same way as the Naked palette and the colours go in the same order. You're getting in total 14g of eyeshadows and 12 eyeshadows. Shades are warmed neutrals which are perfect for day use and also night time looks. There are 2 matte shades, and the rest of the shades are shimmery and satin. They feel smooth soft and buttery, and they are very easy to blend.  With a primer these eyeshadow last all day long with any fading which is amazing quality for a 7$.  Amazing quality for sure. 

e s s e n c e    Super last deep black eyeliner

This eyeliner costs 3.6$. I love the essence and buying their products isn't strange thing for me. Today I bought this one for the first time, because I have used some other brands of eyeliners. It's really deep black as It's noticed on the front side of packaging, and It's not hard to use. Product Size: 3 ml. Very good quality.

  LLUMS eyeshadow brush

  This brush is double sided. It costs 3$. It's very soft and gentle, you can blend your         eyeshadow without thinking that the fibers is going to be removed. I'm very satisfied with   this one. It's my favorite.

I separated these 3 products for this post. Of course there are more good items under 7$, but they're awaiting for their discovering. :)

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