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Face masks review

April 08, 2018

Hi everyone!

One more review; but now something about beauty. I'm a person who loves trying new things, especially If they're connected with beauty, fashion, and hair. Face skin care masks are special fetish for me. I like them because there are to many types with to many purposes. Simply, when I go to beauty store I enjoy buying new ones and can't wait to try It out! Couple days ago I've bought 2 Balea masks, one is anti pickel and second one is multimasking. Read below my experience with these products.

1) Soft & Clear anti - pickel warm mask

It is used for impure skin. With salicylic acid and zinc. It works in depth with the effect of heating; mask in the application gives the effect of heat. It releases pores of sebum, acts against the formation of impurities and pimples and absorbs excess fat. After using, the skin is matte, without draining. The amount is sufficient for 2 uses. How to use: Apply on a clean skin the mask with circular movements. Wait for 3 minutes to work and rinse with lukewarm water. Use 1-2 times a week. I'm satisfied with this mask, especially because I use a makeup almost everyday, so I need something that will calm my skin and make It softer. 

2) Multimasking

This face masks includes two different masks because this mask is for dry, oily and impure skin.

- The first part of the mask is pink. You apply this mask onto your dry cheeks. This mask helps to soften your cheeks and takes care of them.
- The second part of the mask is green. You apply this mask onto your T-zone. This mask helps to get rid of impure, oily skin and helps to clear your skin.
This mask doesn’t feel hot or cold on your skin. It feels like applying a normal cream.I really love this face mask. I’ve been looking for a mask like this because my skin isn’t just dry or oily, it’s both, so this mask actually is amazing. 

This post isn't sponsored, I just wanted to share with you my experience and my recommendations for these masks, so for Its price they are really good, If you need a quality mask you won't make a mistake with buying these ones. 

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