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Happy Women's Day!

March 08, 2018

Hi everyone!

๐ŸŒน Happy Women's Day to all my female readers! ๐ŸŒน
Wishing you a day as beautiful as you are!

Today I'm writing one review! I've got a packet from ROSEGAL site which I ordered on 22nd February. I was very surprised because It has arrived so fast! I'm very satisfied with this cooperation, everything is as same as I imagined and I didn't have to pay too much for customs expense. So, let's get started! 

1) Jacket

This jacket is so thin, gentle and light. It's perfect for spring and It's perfect for Its price. I ordered black, It matches perfectly with any other piece of clothes and sneakers. I hope the quality is as good as It seems, because I'm person who loves being outside and walking around with my friends so I need to wear a good jacket! It looks good inside and It's very comfortable, and If you're looking for some spring outwear, please take attention of this one. 

2) Hat

I love this hat so much!! It looks absolutely fantastic! The quality is great, hat is so soft, gentle and warm, I can't wait to wear It! My color is papaya, but I think the grey one also looks amazing. You've got great recommendations from me! Nice to meet chuu!

3) Watch

Okay, this watch looks so good, but I was a bit disappointed when I saw the color. It doesn't look same as advertised, I thought that this pink shade is lighter than I've got. On other hand, I don't have anything in this pink tone, so I hope my choice was right. I especially like this stripes inside the watch, they look so interesting!

4) Scarf

I think this scarf looks better than on advertise. It's long and soft, with really beautiful flowers and birds. It has a kind of vintage look which I love so much! What do you think about this one?

5) Rings

Amazing set of rings! I'm a big fan of rings, so they are never enough for me. In this packaging I've got 13 very beautiful rings, but the fact is - they're too small. If you have bigger fingers, they may won't fit good on your hand. But, I was very lucky because I have so thin fingers and I usually cannot find appropriate size of rings, they always too big for me. This dragon looks gorgeous, I like It so much!

So, what do you think? 
Do you like my order? 

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