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Wishlist for a current year

February 09, 2018

Hi everyone!

What's up?
It's 11 PM and I'm writing this post. Generally, I don't prefer to write at this time, because I'm usually tired and without an inspiration so posts would be very bad that I don't want on my blog. But now, I'm thinking about things I want to buy or do during this year, so I've got inspiration to make a post about my wishes. If you're interested in, read below!

1. Guns N' Roses tee - I'm a big fan of rock and roll music, so I want so much this shirt, It looks amazing! I think It would be great in combination with leather skirt or pants.

2. New hairstyle and black hair - I definitely need new hairstyle. Bangs would be perfect choice for me, and black color of hair also.

3. Pair of good black boots - every girl needs them.

4. New quality camera - as a blogger, I need new camera now!

5. Pair of jeans - I need some good jeans.

6. Cute backpack - Actually, I don't need backpack at the moment, but why not? Especially something cute like this one.

7. Some good eyeshadow palette - Never enough eyeshadows...

8. New colored leather jackets - Yes, please!

9. New comfy sneakers - I spend so much time walking so I always need some comfy sneakers, spring is coming so one more reason for buying them.

10. Bags in new different colors - I'm a bag addict..

11. Pair of  red heels - I don't have red heels yet.

12. Helix piercing - this will be last one, I promise.

What's on your wishlist? 

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