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Valentine's Day is coming

February 03, 2018

Hi everyone!

As you know It's February, so what does It mean? Valentine's Day of course! This will be very romantic day for all couples (This is not include me haha) All those gifts, flowers and chocolates with warm kisses and embraces, mean just one thing → good time with your bae. But, If you're a girl, you want to look the best you can, so you're wondering what to wear and what makeup is good choice for this occasion. Red color should be in focus in your outfit. Why red? Well, red color in most cases symbolizes love, passion and happiness, so you can look below how many ways  for wearing red exist.

1) Casual 

If you boyfriend and you are going to cafe in 12 PM, this outfit is a great choice for you. Jeans and T-shirt look casual, but blazer and red details give an elegance and some love vibe to your completely look.

2) Color mess

This color mess outfit is for those artsy and crazy girls. If you're going to club with your boyfriend, you can wear something like this. 

3) Her Majesty The Lady 

A long rose gold dress with this gorgeous shoes is perfect choice If you're going on romantic dinner or some elegant party. Also, If you believe that he is going to propose you that night, just wear something like this.

4) For girls who rock

If you're a girl who loves rock and roll, you already have your own style, so you're going to wear something that will match perfectly with your personality. I am that one, so this outfit would be great choice for me.

I hope I inspired you with these photos, but that doesn't mean that I'm trying to tell you what you must wear on Valentine's Day. Every girl has her own style. 

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Happy Valentine's Day

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