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Today: Casual

February 15, 2018
Hi everyone!

Welcome to new post! As you see, It's named "Today: Casual" which means we're going to talk about fashion! Casual fashion. In older posts I've written about elegant and festive clothes, but I have  said nothing about everyday pieces. What exactly we wear in different daily occasions? In which clothes we feel the most comfortable? Does casual can look elegant? You can read below what I have to say as answer on these question. 

 Cinema day

When I'm going to the cinema, I usually wear outfit like this one. Ripped jeans with nice shirt and leather jacket. Converse sneakers are my must have and bandana in appropriate color.  This leather backpack is needed for carrying money, coke or water, phone and other. I love these pieces and they're very comfortable when you spend a lot of time out.

Let's go shopping!

Visiting all that stores and boutiques can be very stressful and hard job. So, for every shopping, you need comfortable shoes. I always chose flats with soft sole. For these flats, I've chosen a pair of good looking jeans, casual shirt and red bag. Also, you can always add some jewelry so I put this silver necklace as a nice detail.

Chillin' with friends

I love this outfit very much! It's so girly because of this adorable light pink color, but also comfortable and stylish! Cute backpack matches perfect with gorgeous sneakers and bomber jacket. Of course, you can put a bracelet in the similar color as color of your other details. Headphones are amazing accessories!

School girl

Every student will understand the lovely side of  this outfit! :D Good shoes, comfy oversized hoodie, great pair of jeans and enough big backpack for all these books. You should feel free and comfortable in the school, because lessons could last very long and be stressful. And remember, If you feel good, you will look good, and when you look good every boy will like you! So don't worry for your clothes, you have not to look as barbie or model in the school, It's ridiculous!

These days...

I really don't have anything to say about this "outfit". You all know how we feel when period comes, so the most important things are warm clothes, warm blankets and warm drinks. Enjoy and don't worry how you're looking then, we all feel "awful".

Gym time

Here's everything you need for the gym. Comfortable leggings, sports top, hoodie, towels, sports bag, a bottle of water, some fruits, weights and headphones.  Enjoy working out! 

Chilling outside

Outfit for these girls who love black, Harry Potter, and good chill! I'm very often in this mood, so black is always a good choice for me. So in love with this jacket.

Cold Autumn

Classic outfit when outside's cold. UGG boots, burberry scarf and light brown cardigan are absolutely my favorite pieces for autumn. As a jewelry you should add a nice watch or some rose gold necklace.

Rainy day

For a rainy day our choice  are always a good boots, umbrella and jacket. This outfit is so simple and girly so every teenage girl can wear It. You'll look so cute and saved from a rain!

Camping out

If you're an adventure girl who loves climbing, camping and being outside, you exactly know what you're needed for your adventures. Sleeping bag, a big backpack and safari jacket would be my choice for this occasion. Of course comfortable sneakers and clothes are absolutely must have!

Maybe you've noticed that I used word "comfortable" for almost every outfit description. But that's the point, right? Casual should be comfortable! You can skip the skirts for a while, 'cause you're very pretty in the pants also! :D


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