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If I were a picture...

February 25, 2018

Hi everyone!

Welcome to new post!

I was inspired by many tags which I've seen on some blogs. Bloggers described their choices, styles, favorite things via photos. This post will be something like that, just named 'If I were a picture'. So, this will help you to know me better and see what I like, and what's my hobbies. I'm glad to share these things with you 💜

If I were an OUTFIT, I would be:

I love hoodies, oversized shirts, rock and roll tees, leather jackets and comfy pants. My favorite clothes are comfortable clothes, so If I were an outfit, I would be something like this.

If I were a JEWELRY, I would be:

I said that I love ear piercings, and I have five. Also, my favorite accessories are rings, a more than 2 rings on one hand that's my favorite! You've may seen that I ordered a set of rings on Rosegal site, and I already have one set of rings. That's just my passion!

If I were a SONG, I would be:

My favorite bands and songs.

If I were a CARTOON, I would be:

I love watching Bratz and Angela Anaconda, these cartoons are my favorites, I can add a Totally Spies too because I like them also!

If I were a MAKEUP, I would be:

I love natural look, so when I do my makeup, I use brown and nude shades for eyes and lips. For me, the most important things are good brows and clean face, other things can be improved by makeup.

If I were a FOOD, I would be:

Honestly, I don't like pizza, and I don't like burgers. I'd rather eat some good pasta salad, grilled meat or mashed potatoes, that's the food which I love to eat. Chocolate doesn't count, almost every human likes to eat this dessert 😋

If I were a PAINTING, I would be:

I love the Starry Night, that's my favorite Vincent Van Gogh painting. Also, The girl with a pearl earring is so beautiful! Michelangelo's painting is absolutely great for me, and this Marilyn Monroe portrait is gorgeous, I love her.

If I were a QUOTE, I would be:

Well, this is ME. Are we similar? 
Let's meet each other in comments! 

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