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100 professional photography tips

February 02, 2018

Hi everyone!

I know that all of us love using camera. Somebody is using It for fun, and somebody's using It for work. In both cases photography should look professional and good. You know that lighting and angle are important factors for taking photos, but what else except those?  Read below!

1. An expensive camera does not mean that someone is a good photographer.

2. Always shoot in RAW format. ALWAYS!

3. Lenses without a zoom will make you a better photographer.

4. Photography processing is an art for itself.

5. One-third rule works in 99 percent of situations.

6. Macro photography is not for everyone.

7. UV filters are an excellent protection for the lens.

8. Get out and take pictures instead of wasting time on photo forums.

9. Take a picture of everyday life and you will have great photos.

10. Film is no better than digital camera.

11. Digital cameras are no better than film.

12. There is no magic camera or lens.

13. Better lenses do not give better images.

14. Don't look to much at other people's works.

15. Don't take your camera on parties.

16. Girls really love photographers.

17. Printing photos does not mean that they are good.

18. People will always disparage your work if you say that you've fixed them in Photoshop. Say you worked in a digital dark chamber.

19. You do not have to paint just everything you see.

20. Have at least 2 backups of all images. Two are one, but one is none!

21. Always use the insurance belt.

22. Come closer when you take a picture, then as a rule, you get better photos.

23. Be a part of the scene you are photographing, not a voyeur.

24. If you squat, your photos will usually be better.

25. Don't worry to much about focus and techniques, worry about framing.

26. Cover logo on the camera with black tape. So you will pay less attention while you take a picture.

27. When you take a picture of the sunny day, always take two thirds of shorter exposure.

28. The more you take pictures, these are better photos.

29. Take the same frame from multiple angles, with different settings and blend.

30. Show only the best shots.

31. And the small camera is still a camera.

32. Join a good photo forum.

33. Analyze others' works.

34. Think before you take a picture.

35. A good photo does not require explanation.

36. Alcohol and photography don't go together.

37. Steal inspiration from others but not their works.

38. The noise is beautiful.

39. Buy a backpack for the camera and lenses.

40. Simplicity is the key.

41. The definition of a photograph is "drawing with light". Use the light!

42. Find your style and stick with it.

43. Another monitor is great for photo processing.

44. Silver EFEX pro is the best black and white converter.

45. Always carry the camera with you. ALWAYS!

46. ​​Photography should not be an obstacle to enjoying life.

47. Do not keep your camera safe. Use it!

48. Capture a honest photo.

49. Capture with confidence.

50. Photography and arrangement of things in space are very interconnected.

51. Print photos in large format. It will make you happy.

52. Give your photos to your friends.

53. Give your photos to strangers.

54. Frame them.

55. Print cheap.

56. Get out with friends and take a pictures.

57. Start a photo club or join one.

58. Photos are great gifts.

59. The image of strangers is great.

60.  Spontaneously is better than fitted.

61. Natural light is the best light.

62. 35mm is the best choice for everyday occasions.

63. Increase ISO when It's needed.

64. You do not have to carry a stand everywhere with you.

65. It's always better to have a darker picture than too bright.

66. Photographing homeless is not a good way to be artist.

67. You will record the best photos when you least hope.

68. Human resources are always more interesting.

69. Bad photos can not be photoshoped in good.

70. Today are all photographers.

71. You do not have to fly to Paris to shoot good pictures.

72. People with DSLRs who take portraits from above look like morons.

73. Camera is a tool not a toy.

74. With regard to composition, painting and photography are very similar.

75. Photography is not a hobby, it's a lifestyle.

76. Take a real photos, but no justification.

77. Be original and do not copy the style of others.

78. The best photographers tell stories for which the observer will pray for more.

79. Any other camera than black attracts too much attention.

80. The more you carry the equipment you will enjoy less.

81. Good self-portraits are difficult to record.

82. Laughter always takes people's character to the surface.

83. Do not look suspicious while you are photographing.

84. Landscape photographing may be boring after a while.

85. Have fun while photographing.

86. Never delete photos.

87. Respect other people and the environment.

88. When you take a spontaneous images on the street, better use a wide-angle lens instead of telephoto.

89. Travel and photography are a great pair.

90. Learn how to read a histogram.

91. The picture with the noise is better than a blurry image.

92. Do not be afraid taking pictures in the rain.

93. Enjoy the moment, and do not try to get the perfect frame at all costs.

94. Never take a picture while you're hungry.

95. Through your photo you will discover a lot about yourself.

96. Do not hide your works, share them with others.

97. Never stop protographing.

98. Photography is much more than taking pictures, it's the philosophy of life.

99. Catch a key moment.

100. Make your own list of rules.

Ugh! I'm sorry if something isn't correctly written, I hope you can understand everything. So, is this post helped you to use your camera better? To me, these tips are very useful, and I will surely pay attention on quality of my photos.

Do you know some other tips for photographing? :)
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