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January 21, 2018

Hi everyone!

Are there wanderlusts? 
Traveling is my passion. I love to meet new people, see amazing architecture, get to know other mores, cultures, eat interesting, unusual food and walk through beautiful boulevards. Specially love to hear unknown languages and songs whose words I don't know. Do I want to travel this year? Of course I want. But, where? Anywhere. Every place is great destination when you have your friends and goodwill. Better question is, have I imagined about some destinations  when I was little, or maybe, a day ago? During some good book, or watching movie? Yes. And you will see in this post, which places are my Dream Destinations.

Venice and Verona, Italy

My biggest dream Is to visit this city. I am amazed with streets, architecture and buildings there. Gondolas on the river, especially when moon shines and reflects in the water are gorgeous. Italy is country which I really love. Smells of pizza and oregano, and beautiful Italian girls in dresses are dragging me there very hard. Italian language is adorable, and I started to learn It a couple months ago. Verona? So interesting and mystical place for me. Who else want to see Juliet's house and a town where happened the most forbidden and tragical love on the world?  Okay, maybe It's not the most tragical love on the world, but Shakespeare left so hard impression on me as a reader. Who knows, maybe I will find my own Romeo there, with much luckier end than this one.

Moscow and Saint Petersburg, Russia

Moscow is a huge town. I like so much well-known, Red Square, blonde Russian girls with their interesting and warm hats. This is an amazing destination during the winter. Looks like a fairy tale. Saint Petersburg has Hermitage. This is very rich and beautiful museum. For me, It's the most gorgeous museum on the world. If you are a girl, when you come in, you feel like a princess or queen. But, what else, except museum, snow and Russian blondes, makes Russia a special destination? Vodka of course.

Hermitage outside

Hermitage inside

Novi Sad, Serbia

I'm going there almost every year. For me, the most beautiful town in Serbia. Especially gorgeous is Cathedral there. It's in gothic style and architecture is amazing. The Petrovaradin Fortress is absolutely breathtaking. Ice rolls are very tasty and I enjoy It when I'm there haha. No other comments, such a beautiful place.

I honestly hope, I'll visit the Italy and Moscow, and wish you to visit these lovely places also.
Have you ever been there? Please, share with me your experiences. :)


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