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DIY Pearl Sweater

January 04, 2018

Hi everyone!

Finally one DIY post! I know that girls adore to wear soft and warm sweaters during these cold days.
It looks really cute until all that cashmere or knitted sweaters star to be boring. You surely don't want to throw them away but what's a solution? Redesign of course! Personally, I love so much to see a pearls on sweater, but also, If you want something different, you can add other things on your sweater (badges, embroidery, text, ribbons etc.)

For today's post, I prepared an idea how to make your own pearl sweater. 

Needed material:

needle and thread,
pearls or an old pearl necklace.

Instructions: Arrange the pearls on the sweater at the desired places, using a needle and a thread (or adhesive for the fabric, although with the first method It'll be firmly fixed), sew pearls on a sweater.

And, that's It! You have done your pearl sweater!

Would you do this?
Do you like pearl sweaters? 


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