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Clear signs that a man seriously likes you

January 05, 2018

Hi everyone!

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I thought this topic may be very interesting for girls, especially If they are in love. 
So, the question is:

How to know does he like me?

It's hard to figure out, especially when the new relationship is concerned, whether it's about love or intense sympathy. Men are by themselves different from us women, and thus the way they can show us their sympathies can be useless. Boys need some time to relax in our society and to clearly and loudly admit that they like us. As long as this magical moment does not happen you will have to  and "read between the lines" - to read their signs.

For a difference of us, when man fall in love, they show it a little differently. More precisely, they are very miserable in showing emotions. He'll  act  the cold attitude of the steel type, rather than show or say something that will endanger its ego.

For exactly that reason, we have do nothing but the break our heads what the gentleman wanted to say.

So, here are clear signs a man seriously likes you

1)  Tilting toward you 

If he likes you, his body will be slightly tilted toward you. This can be subtle, but it can go to the other extreme where it is literally entered into your face.

It's his way to let you know he wants to get closer.

2) His eyes

 "Eyes are the mirror of the soul". If he likes you, you will be constantly in focus. In return, you smile at him to make him aware that you are interested.

3)  Touching you

If he's interested, he will want to be close to you and will use every opportunity to touch you. Whether it's a hand, a leg, a knee or something else - it's a sure sign that he likes you.

3) "Accidental" encounters 

There is no coincidence in this case. When he "accidentally" come to your favorite coffee shop, just means that he wanted to connect with you (and he does not want you to think he's stalking you.)

4) He's nervous

If he likes you, he will become nervous in your presence.Look at him a little better: is he trembling, is he sweating his palms or laughing for no reason? Men always want to control their emotions, but if they can't do It in your presence, then that's a good sign. Just do not use it to play with him, but find a way to relax him.

5) Hair

This applies to both men and women. Psychology says that when we like someone, we instinctively move to "arrange" our hair in the effort to look smarter. The man who likes you is going through his hair with fingers, for unconsciously raising his self-esteem.

6)  Directs the body towards you

Very nice and more than obvious sign that he likes you. If you are in a larger society, he will surely turn his body towards you, unconsciously showing interest to you just for you. Just look at his feet,  his fingers are sure directed toward you.

7) He's helping you

He's offering to help you.  If you are colleagues, so he offer help to everyone, do not take it seriously. But if it is offered to you, and even more times, notice It and reward.

8) Messages

When he sees you are online, he sends you messages. He likes you. 

9) Becomes angry

... if you talk to other guys or laugh at their jokes. You see  on him's  face that he's a bit jealous. Maybe he sighed, or made a sullen face. This is your sure sign.

Did you notice these signs? 
If you have some other examples, write in comment. :)

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