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New Year Look

December 19, 2017

Hi everyone!

Welcome to new post about every girl's favorite topic - fashion!
2017. is gonna end soon, so all of us are getting ready for celebration. Except gifts, decorations and food, It's nice to prepare a beautiful outfit for party. You've got some ideas for dressing up, but If you still has not, you can get inspired by reading this post. I must say that this is my choice, so you might not agree with me, but I think that every girl should know Coco Chanel's amazing quote:

"I don't do fashion, I'm fashion"

1. Metallic

Short metallic dress in combination with jewelry and bag in same color. Makeup is also very interesting.

2. Red

Red long dress, great heels and elegant hairstyle is great choice.

3. The Snow Queen

This outfit look very soft and elegant, especially long white dress with golden sparkles, so It couldn't be a bad decision for this occasion.

4. Dark

For girls who love dark colors but also want to be a bit shiny. *me*

5. Sequin

Sequin dress with breathtaking makeup for ones who love to be in centre of attention.

Which style do you prefer the most?
Write in comments :)

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