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Holiday To-Do List

December 26, 2017

Hi everyone!

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrated It yesterday! ❤️

Today, something about my plans for this holiday. It's cold outside, so perfect decision for me is to stay home in warm bed and drink hot tea, chocolate or cappuccino ☕. But, when you have so much free time, just drinking coffee isn't enough. Because of It, I planed couple interesting things which I can do in this holiday.

1. Reading books

I ordered some books which should arrive today or tomorrow at my place. I'm very excited because I waited for them so long and finally I caught chance to buy them! There are 5 novels and 1 vintage love story.  

2. Watching movies

I'm not such a big fan of movies, but winter holiday ins't holiday without one Christmas movie!
Elf, Home Alone (every single year) 😂 , A Bad Moms Christmas, Big Momma's House, Love Actually and  Four Christmases  are my recommendation. 

3. Packing gifts for New Year celebration

Yes, because gifts are waiting for decoration. I should pack them, so I spend a lot of time watching ideas on Youtube and Instagram. If you have some suggestions, please write in comment, It would help me so much! 😂

4. Call friends and cook for them

I love when my friends come to my place! Why? Well, except we are talking, playing Monopol (yes,  we're still doing It..), watching funny videos, we're cooking also! Pizza, pancakes, donuts, and other guilty pleasures 😄

5. Grandma visit

If I have to cook for my friend, then someone have to cook for me! 😂 I think every person feels like a child at his/her grandma's house. Smell of her kitchen returns me at childhood. I can't wait to go and eat her special stuffed peppers with homemade baked bread 😇

6. Blogging 

I'll also publish new posts during this holiday, and be more active in reading other blog posts. Reviews, recipes and DIY posts are coming!

This is my To-Do list, but this one is much better and we all should think about It ❤


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