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DIY Christmas cards 🎀🎄

December 09, 2017

Hi everyone!

I hope you have a lovely Saturday!

Finally new DIY post. Today, It's about New year and Christmas. I saw on Instagram that Christmas atmosphere is already everywhere, so I thought that's great time to make something in this style. I don't know does everyone sends a real card or just a message, but It's billion times better to send a real card, I do this every year and I think that all of us should send It by the post office, not by the Messenger. ( Not just for Christmas, for any other occasion) Second thing, kids which receive your cards, are happier and more cheerful when they touch a real, adorable Christmas card. (But when you send them a message, the most probably, their mother will read It alone 😂 ) SO, If you want to make cards by yourself, you can check my result!

Needed material:

- decorative papers
- scissors 
- glue
- Santa, Snowman, or other stickers
- zircons (not necessary)

First, you need to cut a paper to a card forms on the way you want. When you do It, then cut  out decorative papers in any shape, and glue It on your previous paper. Then glue stickers and zircons. *Be careful when you glue anything, you can accidentally glue both sides of your card, so, when you use glue, open your card and put something between sides. When you're done, just wait for the glue to dry, and write a messages in your cards. :) 

My result

What do you think?

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