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December 16, 2017

Hi everyone!

Finally new post. I don't know did anyone write about this on any blog, but I think It's very useful topic to write about, because there are so many things you have to know before you do tattoo or piercing. If you're interested in it, keep reading this post. 😊

❀ What is it?

Body art is a very popular and widespread trend of body painting, and it represents a kind of personal expression and communication with the environment.

❀ When It appeared?

Body art – tattooing, scarring skin, body painting, piercing, existed in ancient Greece, but also in the ancient civilizations of Peru, Ecuador, Mexico and Costa Rica, as evidenced by archaeological data from the third millennium BC. The human body was among the first artistic canvases.  In parallel with painting the walls of the caves, we find traces of tattooing and painting of the body and piercing, in the oldest preserved tombs.

❀ What It means in other cultures?

Residents of Central Borne regard tattoos as a shield against evil and weapon to defend themselves from evil spirits. Japanese tattoos were attached to certain occupational and professional groups like firefighters or drivers. However, in Polynesia geometrically correct tattoos pointed to a high social position and only the most powerful individuals had painted bodies. For example, brides in India paint their body with a henna to protect themselves on their way of moving from a girl to a woman. In many cultures, this defines and at the same time celebrates the transition from childhood to adulthood, as well as the differences between men and women.


Selecting a tattoo symbol should reflect your character, but the most of tattoos you see have same symbols ( black rose, diamond, dragon, wings, butterfly etc.) Their meanings:

Eye - symbol of supernormal power and protection against evil.
Angel - It symbolizes  supernormal powers beyond the real and material world. 
Barcode - symbolizes the desire for individuation; It represents a witty look at the human body, as well as the condemnation of the way the "body" that follows the trends "packs".
Bird - symbolizes freedom, peace, longevity or spirituality.
Butterfly - symbolizes beauty, metamorphosis, freedom, happiness, vulnerability. Many cultures connect butterfly with the soul.
Black rose - sadness, tragedy, struggle.
Cards (clubs, or hearts king) - happiness, hope.
Chinese dragon - symbolizes power and mystery, but also and destruction, intelligence, force.



Before deciding to pierce a part of the body, it is definitely necessary to consult with the doctor. Risks of piercings, as well as tattooing, are infections (hepatitis, tetanus, HIV, candida etc.), allergic reactions, bleeding or nerve damage. Perfectly sterile conditions are necessary in order to reduce the possibility of infection to a minimum, and in certain situations,  taking antibiotics before and after intervention. 
If you are sensitive and prone to allergic reactions, choose jewelry made of titanium, teflon or nylon.

Do I have any kind of body art?

I have "Standard and Upper Lobe" on my ear. It's not a serious piercing, but If you want to do It, you must be careful as doing other piercings. 

photo of my piercing

My opinion is that body art is personal choice and If anyone like It, and have It, I totally support. Your body- your rules. BUT, you must be careful when you decide to do some kind of body art because of your health.

Tell me your attitude about this

Until next post,


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