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November needs a party

November 20, 2017
Hi everyone!

Welcome to new post :)

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As you know, now is November, New Year is soon, but, It's great time for some party just to have fun and make this autumn better. 
If you are girl, you've got at least one black dress in your wardrobe. And It's great! Black dress is absolutely Must Have, but sometimes you get bored and you don't want to wear It. When that situation comes, you have one more option: Fashion details. All black dresses in combination with good fashion details are perfect outfit for your party. I made 4 photos which show different style of outfits but every photo has black dress. So, take a look! 

Holographic details are so cool. Some girls don't like holographic effect, but I think that this Holo bag, and shoes are gorgeous. This outfit is great for some crazy party with your friends. 

Long black dress with faux fur coat and elegant shoes is perfect for some festive occasions.

Personally, I'm a fan of this outfit. This orange color is my favorite and denim vest is must have piece in my wardrobe. Golden earrings could be awesome with this kind of look.

And the last outfit is great for teenage girls. This pink jacket is perfect match with this crossbody bag. 

So, that's It!
I hope you enjoyed reading this post,
Until next

kisses and hugs

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