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💫 Banggood wishlist 💫

November 13, 2017

Hi everyone!

How are you? 
I have something special for you today! It's about Banggood site which I liked so much!
You can find there almost everything! From the cutest bag and makeup brushes till kitchen tools, home decor and electronics! I warmly recommend you to visit this site. *shipping is FREE*

Also, there is a women brand named 'O-NEWE' which is in promoting now from Nov 13- Nov 25.
So, you should check It before It ends!

This is my first cooperation with Banggood site, and I have to choose 5 products from there. I must say that this choice was difficult, I wanted so many things 😂 
But these are my favorites, I think you'll like It, because every girl needs something from my list. Let's start!

This backpack is adorable. It's perfect for all your occasions, and costs 11.69$ !! * LOOK HERE *

I saw that so many bloggers have these brushes, and I think they are really good. Look magical and cute. Love them. (They are great for powder applying) *LOOK THEM HERE* 

I'm in love with this necklace!! I chose In purple color, but If you want other, *LOOK HERE*

Makeup brushes are never enough! Absolutely gorgeous, these are perfect for blending. *LOOK HERE*

This necklace looks amazing! You can choose color of 'Galactic' you want, my choice is #2.

Well, that's my wishlist! As you've noticed, my favorite color is purple 😂
I hope that Banggood will send me this products, so I could write a review of them on blog and tell you my experience.

Until next post,


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