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DIY | Trendy embroidered jeans

September 30, 2017

Hi everyone!

One more DIY post on our blog! Today, you'll read about some very interesting project. It's about  the most popular jeans trend now! E m b r o i d e r y šŸŒ¹, of course! I adore these jeans, so I can say, I'm their big fan. My opinion is that they look classy but effective, the perfect choice for every occasion. If you didn't buy a pair of them already, you can make it at your own. Continue reading and figure out how! 

Needed material: 

• embroidery
• scissors 
• pins
• needle and thread or glue for fabric


If you use a embroidery from other pieces of fabric, take the scissors and, precisely along the edge of the cloth, cut the embroidery.

Put the embroidery in the desired position, then pin it with the pins. Then, using a needle and a thread, sew the embroidery to the jeans. But, If you use glue, just put it on embroidery and glue on jeans.


Hope you like it!

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